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Adobe Animate CC 2015 15.1.1 + Portable [Latest]

Adobe Animate CC

Adobe Animate CC 2015

lets web designers create interactive HTML animations for web, digital publishing, rich media advertising and more, reaching both desktop and mobile browsers with ease. Adobe Edge Animate CC lets create new compositions from scratch using basic HTML building blocks, text, and imported web graphics.

Features of Adobe Animate CC 2015

• Support for HTML5 video
• Import sprite sheets from Flash Pro, Photoshop or other design tools
• Linking support for DPS Articles
• Updated actions editor
• Copy and paste SVG artwork from Illustrator
• Hand and Zoom tools
• Support for HTML5 audio
• Responsive scaling
• Script loading for 3rd-party javascript libraries
• New commands for scaling and rotating motion paths
• Distribute and alignment options
• Centering options for your compositions
• Motion Paths
• Swipe events for mobile devices
• Faster content delivery with CDN hosting
• Templates
• Jumping for selected elements in the Timeline and Elements Panel
• New eyedropper tool in the Color picker popup
• Color coding for the timeline and elements
• Zoom tool for the stage
• Support for web fonts
• Reusable symbols

What’s New
* not available

How To Install
1. Read iNsTrucTioN.txt

Title Release: Adobe Animate CC 2015 v15.1.1
Developer: Home Page
License: ShareWare
Language: Multi
OS: Windows
Adobe Animate CC 2015 15.1.1 Portable (450 MB)
Adobe Animate CC 2015.1.1 (1.17 GB) / Mirror
Update 2015.1.1 (314 MB) / Mirror [need v2015.1]

Old Version

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