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Logitech Gaming Software 8.82.151 [Latest]

Logitech Gaming Software

Logitech Gaming Software

Gamers typically like to have their keyboard and mouse tailored for their exact requirements, as they need to be precise in each and every movement they make within the game. Those who rely on Logitech peripherals can use Logitech Gaming Software to customize them as they see fit.

The application installs without any issues and will start scanning for compatible devices as soon as you run it, thus giving you the chance to create various profiles for your devices, depending on the game you want to apply them to. Logitech Gaming Software automatically detects a wide range of games, but if a required one is not correctly found, a profile can be manually created with ease.

When it comes to your gaming keyboard, you can look for the desired commands within Logitech Gaming Software, then drag them over the programmable G-keys keys you are interested in associating them with.

Users can assign various types of actions, such as simple keystrokes, multi-key macros or shortcuts for launching third-party apps.

Features of Logitech Gaming Software 8

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What’s New
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Title Release: Logitech Gaming Software 8.82.151
Developer: Logitech
License: FreeWare
Language: English
OS: Windows
Logitech Gaming Software 8.79.77 x32 (105 MB) / Mirror
Logitech Gaming Software 8.79.77 x64 (116 MB) / Mirror

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