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PartitionGuru Professional

PartitionGuru Professional

It’s always a good idea to create multiple partitions on the computer so you can protect the bulk of the data in case anything goes wrong with the operating system. PartitionGuru Professional is a nice app that was created for managing partitions. The program has a clean interface that should be easy to figure out by all types of users.

Features of PartitionGuru

• The utility wasn’t built solely for managing partitions and it can also perform other types of tasks. For instance, it can recover data, format, create and delete partitions. It can also be used for recovering lost files and partitions, for cloning partitions and discs to image files, as well as many other tasks. Resizing and splitting partitions is possible as well as hiding and renaming them.
• Various details regarding each area can be viewed, such as the file system, ID, start and end cylinders, as well as the overall capacity. Advanced information regarding the volume label is also available.
• The program can fix bad sectors that are discovered on the disk and, thus, prevent future hard disk failure to some extent.
• The bottom line is that PartitionGuru Professional is a nice app that can be used for numerous tasks. Less experienced individuals should find it easy to handle, thanks to the intuitive layout and the tool’s overall simplicity.

Title: Eassos PartitionGuru Professional v4.9.0.328
Developer: Home Page
License: ShareWare
Language: English
OS: Windows

1. Support exFAT file system, including read & write files, backup/restore/clone exFAT partition, recover lost partition, file recovery, quick partition, batch format multiple USB flash drives, etc.
2. Add support for viewing hard drive S.M.A.R.T information
3. Sector editor adds menu item to show cluster list occupied by root directory.
4. Sector editor adds C Source, GREP Hex and Pascal Source to function copying block to clipboard.
5. File cluster list window displays file size, cluster and fragment number.
6. Display disk properties such as removable, read-only, SSD, etc.
7. Improve stability for reading or writing FAT32 partition.
8. Enhance file recovery for FAT32 partition and improve success rate.
9. Improve speed to load partition data allocation graph.
10. Optimize the support of super-capacity NTFS partition.
11. Improve compatibility for damaged GUID partition table.
12. When it formats partition, cluster size can’t be less than physical sector size.
13. It does not assign drive letter when formatting hidden partition by default. If you want to assign drive letter, you need to unhide the partition first.
14. When searching for lost partitions, it won’t prompt “this is a logical partition” if the ending location is beyond 2TB range.
15. Create new partition adds support TB unit.
16. It prevents GUID partition conflicts when it restores or clones partitions on GPT disk.
17. Support files without file names in NTFS file system.
18. Bad sector verifying function allows users to sort data by clicking titles on Sector Details window.
19. Batch formatting multiple USB flash drive feature supports USB HUB.
20. Resolves an issue that it failed to copy files from root directory of a partition to specified partition.
21. Fixed an issue that sector editor couldn’t go to specified sector of file system through context menu.
22. Fixed an issue that some partitions were not aligned as required after hard drive was quick partitioned.
23. Resolves an issue that file recovery window flickered when recovering deleted files from FAT32 partition.
24. Resolves an issue that it couldn’t execute operations to dirty partition such as write file, delete file, resize partition, clone partition, etc.
25. Resolves an issue that partition data allocation graph didn’t display normally when partition size was very small.
26. Fixes an issue that files couldn’t be previewed when recovering deleted files from FAT32 partition.
27. Fixes an issue that application crashed when creating new partition on an empty hard drive which is larger than 2TB.
28. Fixes an issue that application crashed after creating new partition on GPT disk and saving partition table without formatting newly created partition.
29. Resolves an issue that application didn’t update disk information after setting volume name for removable NTFS disk.
30. Fixes an issue that it couldn’t preview file or display files under subdirectory in EXT3 file system partition.
31. Resolves an issue that sector editor couldn’t go to file record of specified file after intelligent loading NTFS partition

Download PartitionGuru PRO (36 MB) :
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Portable PartitionGuru PRO (22 MB) :
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