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SoftMaker Office Professional 2016 rev 761.0927 + Portable

SoftMaker Office Pro 2016

SoftMaker Office Pro 2016

Users who have to work often with documents and are accustomed with Microsoft’s well known Office suite have at their disposal several alternatives in case they want to switch to a different solution without losing anything in terms of functionality and compatibility.

One of the available choices is SoftMaker Office, a dedicated suite that packs several applications through which users can handle text documents, presentations, spreadsheets and more. The main advantage of this software is the seamless integration of all formats you are used to from Microsoft Office.

Features of SoftMaker Office 2016

• Low system requirements
• The high speed of the program
• Full compatibility with all Microsoft Office file formats
• Support for new formats of Microsoft Office 2013
• Save any document in PDF format
• The ability to create a portable version
• Built-in programming language VBA
• A toolbar similar to the familiar and convenient interface
• Four tools: TextMaker, PlanMaker, Presentations and BasicMaker

New in version 2016:
• Even faster than before
• Flexible graphics editing with the new SoftMaker Office
• Pivot tables and more math functions in the new version of PlanMaker
• Preview documents and pictures before opening them
• Charts can now be created in TextMaker and Presentations, too
• Touchscreens, high-resolution monitors, and more
• Huge worksheets in the new PlanMaker
• Improved user interface in SoftMaker Office
• The new SoftMaker Office has EPUB and enhanced PDF export
• Extended toolbars in the new SoftMaker Office
• The new TextMaker makes it easier to work on tables
• Improved backup, including version management
• Smart guides in the new version of Presentations
• The new SoftMaker Office offers you a huge choice of first-class templates
• SoftMaker Office 2016 has even better compatibility with Microsoft Office

Title: SoftMaker Office Professional 2016 rev 761.0927
Developer: SoftMaker Software GmbH
License: ShareWare
Language: Multi
OS: Windows

All programs
33995 Feature: Additional dialog style “Windows 10” (choose in Tools > Options > Appearance)
34623 Feature: You may now choose document encryption to be “most compatible” or “most secure” (choose in File > Properties > Protection).
31237 Feature: Text frames and placeholders now have resize handles even in edit mode.
31524 Feature: On Windows Vista and higher, modern file dialogs are used.
34304 Feature: File associations are now handled in the modern way of Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10.
29125 Feature: In Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10, the individual applications of SoftMaker Office now appear in the Windows tool “Default Programs” that lets you easily choose which application handles which file type.
34900 Feature: SoftMaker Office now watches the file types associated with it and allows the user to repair them if another application assigns them to itself.
33000 Corrected mouse-wheel behavior in Windows 10 (problems were especially visible in the print preview).
34697 Feature: In the Windows 10 Start menu, the tile colors match the color of the respective application icon.
19882 Feature: The Guides and grid dialog box now highlights the selected guide in the document.
– Miscellaneous bug fixes

22002 Feature: Clicking into the left page margin with the Ctrl key down now selects the whole document.
25961 Feature: The English style “1st”, “2nd” etc. is now supported for paragraph numbering.
30011 Feature: Embedded objects now have grab handles for easier resizing.
34174 Feature: The Insert Envelope dialog adds new feeding options.
34785 Feature: The command Paste Special has been added to the context menu.
34947 Handling of calculated times is now Excel-compatible.

– Improvements to the file filters

Download SoftMaker Office Pro 2016 rev 761.0927 (383 MB) :
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Portable SoftMaker Office Pro 2016 rev 761.0927 (73 MB) :
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