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The Bat! Professional 7.2 Final

The Bat! Professional 7

The Bat! Professional 7

The Bat is a popular email client that allows to work with unlimited number of the mailboxes, has powerful sorting filters, fully customizable message templates, Mail Dispatcher and many more other features. The main task of the program is to secure protection of the correspondence from data theft and monitoring by third parties. The program ensures the privacy of correspondence, protecting confidential data as it can work without using the services of the global e-mail providers and Web interface. The Bat 6 is able to handle an unlimited number of e-mail accounts and to process and store an unlimited number of messages. The program offers a system of automatic message filtering, easy system of templates, message editor with the spell checker and many other useful features.

The Bat protects your e-mail data from accidental loss providing the possibility to make backups of all the configuration settings, address books and folders with messages, and to restore them. The Bat! prevents the intentional data distortion and loss of confidential data while transmitting messages via the Internet. Safe authentication CRAM-MD5 does not allow unauthorized users to access your e-mail account on the mail server.

The Bat! protects your information using different methods, including the encryption of the message base on the hard drive and e-mail traffic encryption.

The Bat e-mail client is available in two editions – Professional and Home. The license for The Bat! Professional allows using data encryption and portable secure version of the program The Bat! Voyager for free.

Features of The Bat! Professional 7

• Protection of privacy
• Anti-virus defense
• Smart Sorting Office
• Handy Message Templates
• Quick Templates
• Message Parking
• Built-In Backup and Restore
• Updating and Installing
• Strong Encryption
• Mail Synchronization
• Microsoft Exchange Connectivity
• Extended Support of National Codepages
• Convenient Message Dispatcher
• Fast Address Book
• Multilanguage Interface
• Image Viewing
• Submission Forms
• Runs on any Windows PC
• Powerful Import Wizard

You can import the address books in the following formats:
• Outlook Express (Windows Address Book)
• Microsoft Office Outlook (Contacts Folder)
• LDIF-file
• Business Card (VCard)
• Comma-separated (plain text)
• Tab delimited (plain text)
• INI-file
• Eudora Address Book
• Pegasus Tag File

Title: The Bat! Professional v7.2 Final
Developer: RITLabs
License: ShareWare
Language: English
OS: Windows

[+] A warning dialog is now displayed when a second copy of the program is running
[+] Email body in XHTML format is now displayed
[+] Option to “Save HTML with default font” (see “OptionsPreferencesViewer/EditorEditor Preferences”)
[+] Content-Type: text/calendar is now associated with vCalendar
[+] If Internet Explorer 8 is available, the layout engine is calculating document pixels as 96 dpi
[+] A warning is displayed if images used in templates were moved or renamed[*] The internal messages queue has been redesigned resulting in significant speed improvements when receiving a large number of small messages via very fast connection to a POP3 or EWS server, the user interface became much more responsive[*] The creation time of a message is displayed in case a message’s receipt time is much earlier than its creation time[*] X-Priority header line is only included into the new messages with low and high priority. For normal-priority messages, this header line is no longer used, thus the “X-Priority: 3 (Normal)” will not be specified from now on[*] Faster mail retrieval in large MAPI accounts[*] (0000817) Selection moves to the top of the list after deleting a contact in the address book[*] EWS: reduced memory usage
[-] Example email address in the default address book has been changed from [email protected] to [email protected]
[-] (#0000823) Cannot pin the Mail Ticker on secondary monitor positioned vertically
[-] Not enough space for “Input OpenPGP key pass phrase” and “Please input the master password”
[-] The window when compacting a folder had no title
[-] (TID#61350) Out of memory or Access Violation error message when opening a corrupted folder file has been fixed
[-] Quick templates inserted in HTML mode were losing hyperlinks formatting
[-] Domain for punycode was case sensitive
[-] An extra line appeared while inserting HTML quick templates in the plain text editor
[-] Hyperlinks were not created in the HTML editor while inserting plain text quick templates with hyperlinks
[-] Extra blanks were applied to standard signature template
[-] Fixes in message body tags while generating HTML messages
[-] Font size of non-hypertext fragments of inserted plain text quick template is now the same as default settings
[-] The issue with the flickering black message editor window on Windows XP has been eliminated
[-] (0000791) Font size was not applied to hyperlinks in the templates signature
[-] Replies were losing multiple levels of quotes
[-] A workaround for bad implementations of the Authority Key Identifier decoding, which finally turned out to negatively affect proper implementations – some parent certificates couldn’t be found, has been removed
[-] EWS: cannot send email with large attachments when using on-the-fly message base encryption
[-] EWS: messages could not be moved or deleted while using the on-the-fly message base encryption
[-] EWS: received messages had wrong creation date – Jan 1, 1980
[-] A part of Facebook notification messages was displayed two times
[-] (0000828) Access violation error when editing several contacts in the address book at once
[-] (0000827) “Select the Account” window appears behind the web-browser
[-] (0000836) Exceptions.log contains NULL bytes
[-] (0000833) Tags are not displayed on the header pane
[-] (0000665) Tags in Cyrillic turn into garbage and get multiplied
[-] An issue with extra double apostrophes in the names of senders/recipients has been eliminated
[-] When account password was empty, sometimes the password dialog stayed in the background and was invisible
[-] (0000842) In case an HTML template contained a table, it was impossible to place the cursor to the required field
[-] (0000843) An Access Violation error message which appeared while trying to edit an HTML template with a table has been fixed
[-] An Access Violation on address search termination in the address book has been fixed
[-] RSS feed Links containing Cyrillic characters were displayed incorrectly
[-] Images with Cyrillic in file names inserted into HTML do not disappear anymore
[-] (TID#70073) Invalid pointer operation error message caused by the spell checker locking the clipboard
[-] (TID#70000) No more freezes when scrolling large RSS documents on the Entire text tab
[-] (0000867) Files attached to messages get multiplied
[-] (TID#70148) Some RSS feeds displayed wrong creation date
[-] (0000102) When forwarding mail with external graphics links, the links are not carried into the email
[-] Fixed an access violation when moving between IMAP folders
[-] (0000844) Short strings in the “OptionsPreferences…” window in Russian
[-] (0000815) Truncated text in folder maintenance start window
[-] (0000807) Passphrase dialog has not enough size and can’t be resized
[-] (0000573) Reply to HTML mail has no quotes
[-] (0000544) The Bat! could not display transparent 8-Bit PNG files
[-] (0000545) 8bit PNG pictures (indexed color table, with transparency) always showed black background
[-] (0000464) Images are not displayed if The Bat! HTML Viewer is used
[-] (0000445) Image Viewer is very slow on large images, consumes lot of CPU
[-] (0000090) Some inline GIF files were truncated
[-] (0000767) Certain HTML messages were not rendered correctly when using the internal HTML viewer
[-] (0000881) Certain PNG (indexed palette) pictures were displayed black
[-] (0000317) HTML Links were not clickable
[-] (0000525) Hyperlinks in the HTML Editor opened wrong web-pages
[-] (0000674) Formatting of the quick templates was lost if inserted in HTML messages
[-] (0000764) While forwarding multiple messages the respective Forward-templates were not used
[-] (0000796) Images are compressed horizontally when replying or forwarding the email
[-] (0000730) It’s not possible to save changes in the “Insert Hyperlink” window
[-] Some fixes of the Unicode password handling in the GUI

Download Links:
The Bat! Professional 7.2 Final x32 (32 MB) / Mirror / Mirror
The Bat! Professional 7.2 Final x64 (35 MB) / Mirror / Mirror

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